Avocado smoothie with GSE EXTRACT
-preparation and health benefits

This quick healing green avocado smoothie is sugar-free and dairy free. It is low in carbs and will not raise your blood sugar levels. Adding 20 drops of GSE (grapefruit seeds extract) will heal the gut. In addition, the dense nutritional value has such an impact on the skin and total rejuvenation effect on the entire body that it is a perfect healing meal by itself

  • 1/2 or 1 small avocado
  • 6-8 lettuce leaves
  • 1/2 lime without the skin
  • a handful of sprouts and green fresh herbs
  • 1/2 glass of cold water
  • 20 drops of grapefruit extract.


Place all ingredients in the blender and mix and add 20 drops of the extract to the smoothie.

Health Benefits

Grape seed extract (GSE) is a dietary supplement made by removing, drying, and pulverizing the bitter-tasting seeds of grapes. Due to its high antioxidant content, GSE can help prevent disease and protect against oxidative stress, tissue damage, and inflammation GSE may help reduce blood pressure, particularly in young to middle-aged people and those who have excess weight

GSE has been shown to improve blood flow and reduce the risk of blood clotting, which may benefit those with circulatory

GSE may offer protection against damage from oxidative stress and inflammation, thus promoting kidney health

GSE may inhibit a variety of microbes and offer protection against antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains, foodborne bacterial illnesses, and fungal infections like candida

GSE appears to protect your liver

Heal skin candida

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