Become Supernatural with Meditation and Mind-Body Connection

What if your intentions and thoughts could heal your body? This may sound like a crazy idea (yet exciting) but recent research shows that mindfulness can actually affect how we experience our own physical bodies. It turns out that our thoughts and emotions affect our physiological state and may even heal illnesses that are deeply rooted in our beliefs and emotions. 

Often after having explanted women experience an awakening in their awareness and in many cases are asking themselves what else can I do to get better. 

“Explanting is just the tip of the ice. Patients don’t see explant as the end of their journey, they see it as the beginning of their journey into health and wellness” – says Randall Feingold MD ,who has been an early leader of en bloc explant surgery. 

“My patients have shared with me over the years how their search led them to investigating non-traditional healing modalities, especially when the obvious ones (nutrition, supplements and various therapies) failed to address all of their BII symptoms”. 

How does meditation heal?

The idea behind healing with meditation is to connect to the inner power rather than look for something on the outside to heal your body. By regulating and training the chaotic mind (breath) we can produce a calmer brain that produces positive healing energy.  

Dr. Ashok Gupta, a Neuroscientist and creator of the brain retraining Gupta program had presented in the recent BIHS (breast implant health summit 2022) the concept of Neuroplasticity, and the idea that the brain governs the body and can be rewired and therefore trained to support new healthy thoughts and emotions to reduce stress levels. This practice helps rebalance hormones and chemicals that are causing disease.

Dr. Gupta says that once breast implants are placed, they trigger the “fight – and – flight” sympathetic stress response center in the brain. The body recognizes that a foreign device is injected and responds with inflammation and stress that triggers a chain of negative chemical and hormonal reactions.

Retrain your brain

These old neurological wiring in the brain can be undone and retrained to reduce the stress response levels in the body. Some of the most common BII symptoms are stress and feeling anxious. Nearly 300 studies in the past five years have shown a link between meditation and improvements for those with inflammation related diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease, fibromyalgia and stress.

Meditation and anti aging

Meditation is also known to increase activity in an anti aging enzyme known as  Telomeres – telomeres shorten over time naturally, and shorter length is linked to a number of chronic illnesses, so increasing telomere length is thought to indicate healthier aging. There are More Benefits to meditation, such as lowering blood pressure, stress and anxiety. Practicing meditation daily improves memory, increases serotonin and dopamine (the feel good hormones) and contributes to a better sleep. 

How can we create a shift in our health?

By using this powerful mind- body concept, Dr. Joe Dispenza, a well recognized neuroscientist teaches how to achieve the “supernatural ” state to thousands of people who have not been previously spiritual or yogis but are interested in healing. He is among few scientists who have demonstrated how each person has the ability to heal with the mind and shift their reality to what he calls “supernatural” state.  

Healing has for 4 things in common

According to Dispenza people who have healed has these 4 things in common: 

  1. “They believed and accepted that there was an intelligence that lived within them that was giving them life, and we’re all connected to it. But sometimes we can become disconnected — This is when our bodies get out of alignment, and we experience diseases and injuries. When that happens, we have to reconnect with mindfulness and awareness  -this will help us reconnect to our true essence.
  2. “The second thing was that they realized that it was the mismanagement of their emotions and the hormones of stress that really began to create their condition.” So it makes sense that the practice of awareness and meditation will decrease the stress level and balance our dis-ease.
  3. “The third thing was, ‘Okay, so now that I know that … I can’t mismanage my thoughts and feelings any longer, especially if I want to change my life. … I’ve got to watch how I speak, I’ve got to become conscious of how unconscious I am.’” – Next you have to choose a role model -one that you admire and would like to develop similar qualities and then start rehearsing how you can develop those qualities in yourself in your mind. How do your role models handle stress? If you can learn to manage your stress response and stop reacting negatively to your environment, you can prevent your mind from signaling genes that cause disease. You can stay well, and you can heal yourself from diseases you already have.
  4. “The fourth thing is that, when they were doing that rehearsal process while meditating, they had long moments where they lost track of time and space.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza , and here are few healing stories 

There are many ways to meditate or to practice mindfulness – the good news is that it is accessible online to everybody. I have added here a few links pointing out to resources and self help meditations which I have found very helpful.

  1. Meditation Yoga videos here
  2. Meditation: Eckhart Tollethe power of the moment 
  3. My Journey with Neuroplasticity DNRS and Gupta
  4. Zen meditation, Length of Telomeres, and the Role of Experiential Avoidance and Compassion – PMC.
  5. Dr Joe Dispenza (2022) – “The Fastest Healing You’ll Ever Experience!”







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