Have you lost muscle strength after your explant surgery? 

These Home Pilates exercises will get back your strength and mobility while you are  still recovering at home.  

Explant surgery and Breast lift involve to some degree muscle dissection. Once you heal from the surgery your upper chest and arms will need rehabilitating exercises to build up your strength and range of motion.

Avoid this: Do not lift anything over your head for 2 to 3 weeks – For at least 2 weeks after your breast removal surgery, you should avoid lifting anything that would make you strain.

Working with a Resistance BAND

The Resistance Band is a great tool to gradually and safely build up your strength. You can use the full length of the bandmate first, which will result in less resistance. As you get stronger you can shorten the band which increases the resistance and level of difficulty. This is particularly important because these exercises are rehabilitating and should be adapted to your specific level. If you feel pain it is an indication that you have overdone it. A mild soreness is normal, still I caution you to be mindful and patient with this process.

Repetitions – 1-2 sets per exercise, for 12 repetitions per set

Explant Pilates Home Exercise

# 1   Simple Shoulders roll to help relax the muscle in the neck and shoulders area – Roll your shoulder 6 times back and 6 times forward. Do it slowly and without holding your breath.


#2   The fencer –  Step with your right foot on the edge of the strap holding the other end of the strap with your opposite hand (left) make sure you have enough resistance on the band. 

Now on exhalation move your left hand slowly from your right hip diagonally towards your left shoulder and until extending your straight arm at a shoulder level.  Keep your left feast forward so you can see it. 

Keep your shoulders down and dont forget to engage your stomach (pull it in towards your spine on exhalation)


#3   Triceps exercise 

Standing up, step forward with your right foot on the strap, bend over. Keep your left arm by your hip. On exhale move your arm backwards with controlled movement . Keep your shoulder down as you move your arms behind your hip. You will feel the engagement of the back top of your left arm (triceps muscle). Pulse the bend backwards and then release -10 times each side

Make sure you have enough resistance on the band.


#4    Pactorialis rehabilitation exercise – cross both ends of the resistance band in front of the body while standing with both feet in the middle of the Band. 

Inhale, on your next exhalation Pull both ends apart while raising your elbows slowly to a shoulder level. Do not raise your arms higher than your shoulder levels. Move with control and with each long exhalation . Keep your abs engaged , and keep your shoulders down.


#5   Lateral raise -Step with both feet in the middle of the resistance strap. Holding each end of the band on each side of your thighs. On exhalation engage your abs and then slowly raise your arms  up to your shoulder height.

 To reset – add shoulders circles after you are done.


#6   Spider Wall Climbing This exercise helps increase range of motion in your shoulder while stretching your scar tissues. Try to reach a little higher on the wall each day. You will do this exercise in two positions: Stand facing the wall, and Stand side to the wall.


  • Place the palm of your hand flat against the wall.
  • Slowly slide your hand up the wall as high as you can go until you feel a stretch, but no pain. Make sure the movement is coming from your shoulder and you are not using your back to reach higher up the wall.
  • Hold it for 20-30 seconds while breathing. You do not want to feel pain but a stretch. If you feel pain, lower your hand while you continue breathing. Slowly slide your hand down the wall to the start position.
  • Do a couple of shoulder rolls to reset, then repeat 3 to 5 times.

#7  Rotation –  Press with your left elbow against the side of your ribs. Hold the end of the resistance band with your left hand, your palm facing the ceiling.

Hold the other end of the band with your right arm, (you need to create resistance). Rotate your left hand externally without moving your elbow.  Repeat 10 times on each hand. 

Reset with shoulder circles.


8 # – Elbows circles Lay down on your back with your knees bent (or stand up). Now slowly raise the elbow up to the side, then move it clockwise or forwards, gently circling your arm. You are aiming to get your elbow level with your shoulder. You may not be able to do this at first but don’t worry. Try to increase the height each time you do the exercises until you get level with your shoulder.


Repeat 10 times each direction

9 # Biceps curls – while seated on a chair step with both feet in the center of the band. Hold with both hands the ends of the band. Keep your elbows pressing against your waist while slowly bending your elbow pulling your hands up towards your shoulders.


Repeat 10 -20  times 

10 # Rolling Down – Wrap it up with a roll up and down  – One full roll up is as effective as SIX standard sit-ups in strengthening your abdominal muscles! It increases spinal flexibility and stretches the hamstrings.

sit upright with the band around your feet. Hold both ends of the band in your hands. Keep your back straight.

Keep hips and legs rooted to the mat. engage the abdominals, gently squeeze the buttocks and tuck the tailbone under to begin the rolling back down, one vertebra at a time, maintaining the curve of the spine.


Rolling Up – Once you reach the mat take another deep breath and get ready to roll up. Stretch your arms at shoulder level, pull your abdominal towards your spine. Exhale and pull the belly button to your spine and squeeze your inner thighs to continue the curling up of the body “up and over.”  Keep the chin tucked, pull the abdominals in deeper, and keep the back rounded as you reach for the toes. Repeat 6 times

Reminder : Keep practicing at the comfort of your home in a peaceful environment. Focus on your breath as you move mindfully with control.








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