Healing Breast implant Illness – Luann’s Story

The breast implant illness journey triggers many emotions from feeling fear, to hope and exhilaration. It also brings forth an incredible opportunity for self-growth and empowerment. Luann Johnson’s story is one example of a transformative journey from living a hopeless existence to being fully empowered. She shared with us her story with an intention to help other women.  Every story shared is a chance to make someone feel less alone. 

My breast implants made me Sick for many years 

I have been very sick for many years from chronic pain, extreme fatigue with /insomnia, hair loss, hot & cold intolerance, chronic sinusitis, chronic allergies (I’m highly allergic to mold), Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, cervical & spinal stenosis, early menopausal, too many digestive issues to list, &, every BII symptom.  Over the years I was given antibiotics for chronic sinus infections, strep throat, UTIs & ear infections, narcotics for pain, nerve blocks, antidepressants, sleeping pills & more which some I became addicted to.

I had doctors telling me that it was all in my head, I’m Just depressed, take a nap, No-one has all these symptoms, I’m complaining too much & finally I can’t do anything for you.  Please -Do Not Rely on Doctors, Rely on How You Feel & Become Your Own Advocate!!!

From desperation to becoming my own advocate healer 

I found an endocrinologist who did a complete thyroid test & ultrasound and diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto’s disease. She also found nodules that I had biopsied and the others I have to watch. She insisted that I must have Lyme disease or another autoimmune disease because according to her, something was making my immune system attack my thyroid. She sent me to a Rheumatologist who took every autoimmune test and they all came back negative. At my last appointment, my endocrinologist told me that by my next appointment in 6 months,  my symptoms will get worse & at that time she will have to give me thyroid medication that I will have to take for the rest of my life. She then said that there is nothing more she could do for you. 

I could not live with my symptoms as they were already,  and to be told that they are going to get worse was a deal breaker – I was beside myself and so desperate that I decided to fight back. I was not going to give my destiny in someone else’s hands. That is when  I became my own advocate & found that I have BII by joining a thyroid Facebook group that had a webinar on BII. I was not going to PLACE my destiny…….

Self education – Learning from other women

These BII Facebook groups not only educated me but also led me to a list of plastic surgeons that do explant with en bloc total capsulectomy. That is how I found my surgeon Dr. Randall Feingold.

Ruptured implants were undetected by mammography and ultrasound

I explanted on September 30th, 2021 with Dr. Randall Feingold in New York. 

Dr. Feingold took a sample from my capsules, when my pathology came back I found out that I have a rare Aspergillus Versicolor “Mold” which was found on the lining of one of my implants. My original implant color changed from white into green and yellow, an indication of mold. I had a ruptured implant which was not seen on any of my mammograms or ultrasounds during my many annual check ups. This is so important for all women to know!!!!! 

If you have implants or if you are considering a breast augmentation don’t rely on Tests only., Rely on How You Feel & Become Your Own Advocate!! 

Fast forward – my current Health condition

Luann’s message is clear: “BII is real, please share with others who are thinking about getting breast implants or already have breast implants. There are too many women like me going through the same thing! 

We need to spread the word and stop the suffering.

I also want everyone to know that on my way home from my surgery I felt that I could breathe through my nose. I had chronic sinus issues for so long that I thought the way I used to breathe was normal. I just learned that mold causes your sinuses to become inflamed! Also, I have more energy than ever, no more brain fog, I am not taking any of my 4 allergy medications, my body aches and pain has declined, and so much more. Dr. Feingold sent  me to an infectious disease specialist to check for mold & other fungi, bacteria, or chemicals that could be in my body from the implants.

My Hashimoto is cured

3 months after the explant surgery – My thyroid test & Ultrasound came back. I no longer have Hashimoto’s, some of my nodules disappeared & some shrunk. The only symptom I have right now is dry eyes, itchy at times, and ears, most likely allergy-related. I have been on Voriconazole for 2 weeks since the mold was found on my implant.

Diet and Supplements

Luann believes that Each woman  has to find what works for her to get herself  healthy again, taking out toxic implants is only the beginning of the healing process. Luann was willing to investigate and experiment with her diet and healing therapies until she found the magic combination that worked for her. Her story is a reflection of the amount of work, time and patience that she put into her healing process, but for Luann giving up was never an option.

  • I was vegan for a long time and also because of plateauing with my weight I started to just drink protein shakes and that became an eating disorder…I stopped eating solid foods, afraid to gain an ounce. When that didn’t work because it was making me weak I started eating healthy but stayed the same, I felt better but could not lose weight, also drinking the protein shakes made me lose more hair. Finally I had my explant and I talked to a holistic nutritionist who helped me detox with diatomaceous earth  (when taken by the mouth, Diatomaceous is used as a source of silica for treating high cholesterol,constipation and for improving the health of the skin and nails, teeth, bones,and hair.)  Black seed powder, wild oregano oil, I also took high doses of vitamin D3 because my blood test showed low D and low levels of iron so I took iron pills also.
  • In addition, I started the Keto diet (low carbs diet) on my own and added fish into my diet because I felt I needed something more for eye health as my vision was declining, and because .my doctors recommend fish oil, 
  • I am eating a Dairy free diet, and I am Gluten free because I am allergic to wheat and yeast , interestingly enough,  after my explant surgery it seems that I can eat some without getting an adverse reaction, and also I can eat organic eggs and cheese, I won’t drink cows milk but will have almond or coconut milk.  
  • I take daily Omega 3-Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, Lemon Flavor – 1280 mg High-Potency Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement with EPA & DHA – Promotes Brain & Heart Health – Non-GMO – 30 Servings.

Before explanting, and before changing my diet my eyes were very dry. My vision was declining as well. Since adding fish oil supplements my eyes are no longer dry, and my vision has also improved.  I’m not rubbing them as much or using all kinds of eye drops for relief. I still need reading glasses but my last test was almost perfect, so it is helping.

  • I take vitamin D3 

Intermittent fasting

 I do a fast for 20 hours and eat during a window of  between 2-6 hours but usually more towards 4-6 because I’m not hungry since doing this diet. 

A fasting period is actually a long enough break signaling the  body to go into an auto-correction mode, thus burning fat, reducing sugar levels, and insulin (the hormone that makes us fat). This structure gives us the freedom to cheat occasionally knowing that your body’s auto-correction mode will kick in during the fasting period. Eating a very healthy dinner of veggies, seafood, eggs and berries is recommended by Luann, who is also advocating drinking between meals filtered water by installing a reverse osmosis water filter at home to reduce contaminated water and improve the quality of water supply.

One photo is worth 1000 words

Luann is not the same person she used to be a year ago , one look at her pictures before/after reveals parts of her physical transformation. Not only did she lose 50 pounds but she is also free of Hashimoto illness  and many debilitating symptoms she used to have, and now she wants to spread the message across the breast implant community but also, to other women who may be considering breast augmentation.

 “Please share my story if you know anyone with breast implants or for those who are looking to get them”.

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