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The concept of Vegan nutrition, Juicing and optimal supplements is an evolution of my own journey. I have been certified wellness and integrative nutrition coach for over 20 years starting my journey in Hong Kong and Japan where I studied the principles of Healing with organic Whole Foods. My first teacher was Mitsui Kushi, training me to become a Macrobiotic counselor -The Macrobiotic diet was revolutionary in its approach to healing cancer and autoimmune disease in the early 80’s and 90’s . I then moved to study the Vegan diet in particular Dr. Ann Wigmor Raw food healing diet at Hippocrates Health Institute, which changed my life.

I live my life by the same principles which I share with you. I believe in the power of holistic wellness, Intermittent Fasting, and Juicing without having to be 100% vegan.
Daily exercises are part of the OptimalBody lifestyle. Gyrotonic® and Pilates are my favorite methods to build mind-body connections as well as a strong and youthful body.

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Plant-Based Nutrition

The Optimalbody nutrition and wellness method is based on nature’s powerful healing properties. The Healing Goodness 34oz jar consists of organic greens such as celery, cucumber enriched with superfoods and vitamins to promote detox, glow, and healing.

Online Pilates and Bodyrolling classes

Vegan recipes

Detox and Healing

Optimalbody recipes are meant to detox the body from toxins. They are rich with phytonutrients, vitamins and mineral which are essential for proper healing. Green juices and smoothies are a central part of this detox plan because they make the body’s ph alkaline.

Breast Implant Illness

BII is an illness among women with implants and results in a wide range of autoimmune symptoms that vary from patient to patient Symptoms include: Tiredness and chronic fatigue, Sever joint and muscle pain, Hair loss, Headaches, Allergies, Memory and cognitive problems, Dry eyes, Depression, Anxiety, Bloating, Difficulties swallowing, constant clearing of the throat, numbness in the hands and tingling sensation, Weight Gain, Difficulties Breathing, Pain neck, and TMJ.

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